TAAC is a Source divinely guided mystery school course assisted by the Angelic Realms/Kingdoms and the Universal Collectives 

This is an advanced Ascension Course. However, it is for both beginners and advanced spiritual practitioners.

This course is not for the faint-hearted as it has temporal vortex activations, channeled energies, and messages and teachings from the highest light, that will assist in high-level spiritual growth in a fast but loving way. we aim to bring you up to your highest form in this lifetime.

You will purge. You will heal. You will activate. You will learn. You will rise.

Learn who you truly are. Become one. Relearn you!

Release date: TBA - See Video Below

I have put the course release date back a few weeks (was 21/01/2021) because of events unfolding and to add more to the course. I want to make the course even better and I am not rushing it.

This course is structured into 10 modules:

TAAC Full Course (£3000) – 120 hrs (separated into 10 modules)

40 hours of recorded indoor teachings.

20 hours of recorded outdoor teachings.

20 hours of recorded meditations.

40 hours of recorded powerful quantum healing.

Each module (£300) - 12 hours of healing, clearing, energy upgrades, and teachings per module.

Once bought each module is yours to keep and use.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

All sessions are energy and money exchange donation-based sessions. 

© 2021 by Ross Shugar

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