Ross works directly with the divine, the angelic realm, your higher self and others to allow the best possible spiritual healing for you at the time of your session.

During spiritual healing Ross allows the angelic realm and divine guidance to step into him and work through him. He is physically moved and allows the divine to do the amazing healing work on clients.

Ross's sessions upgrade from a molecular spiritual DNA level up to an ethereal level and all in-between. In a session, you will be given whatever is for your highest good regarding healing at that time. 

In some cases where physical treatment fails, it is because of an underlying emotional blueprint that registers fear, mistrust, rejection, and abuse. This can result in chronic illness, failed relationships, addictions, and negative behavior patterns. Think about the emotional blocks and scars that are like a tight straight – jacket of the soul. Yes, inter-generational healing is possible, ending a cycle of pain and abuse. The healing is likened to “swimming in a sea of energy” and is very, very powerful.

The Law of Grace takes precedence over the Law of Karma. Our healing energy will work on individual issues no matter what they are and can give sometimes massive results.

It works on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual and targets the problem wherever it exists.

Using NPL, CCMBA/CCSMC, Angelic light, Christ light, Omega Waves and many other healing modalities, each person will experience something different, be it toxin release, vertebrate alignment, the release of abuse, past-lives, childhood memories, and spiritual insights.

We have numerous client testimonials from individuals who have experienced past-life, prenatal, and early childhood regressions and found a deep inner peace and understanding which formerly eluded them. Clients confirm that there is a definite attitudinal shift in their lives. 

Many experience a complete and lasting cure of symptoms (check testimonials). Our mission is to find and treat the underlying causes of the problem or illness, reflecting the belief that the body, mind, and spirit are irrevocably intertwined. Inside each one of us, there exists an infinite source of wisdom, healing energy, and an unlimited reservoir of possibilities that are waiting to be awakened. Let’s awaken these in you! 

Medical illness must be seen by a registered professional first and I do not state that I can cure medical issues.*