"Love all as you love yourself for they are you and you are they"

-Ross Shugar

Ross Shugar  —  



"When you heal yourself you heal others, when they heal themselves they heal you. You are connected to all that is"

- Ross Shugar 

On January 05, 2015, Leo Ross had his 3rd out of body experience, he woke up floating above his body but this time was different. This time he saw other beings walking around him. He panicked before diving back into his body, this set Leo Ross off on a mission to understand what was going on and what was the purpose of life in general.


His search took him to full-on astral OBE's and eventually taking him to other planets and realms. In August 2015, whilst researching channeling he came across a lady that would (along with the angelic realm) help him to remember who he truly was, what his mission is in this lifetime, and why he came to Earth in the first place.

After receiving many soul fragments back from other lifetimes of trauma. Leo Ross's ancient gifts started to come up to the surface once again.

After becoming directly connected to the creator of all that is and releasing trauma for other souls. Ross began learning that we are all truly connected to each other. Every single plant, animal, and human are connected. And thus, he learned that whilst healing for himself and others through his connection to the creator he was able to make a real impact on people's lives. By offering donation-based services to humanity.

Ross's philosophy is to not take life too seriously and to see the Earth as what it is - a holographic projection and learning experience. To trust in the creator, trust in yourself, love all sentient beings without pushing your beliefs on to others, and living in love, light and blessings always. 

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